Campbell Williams

My name is Campbell Williams. I’m a Chicago native studying journalism and creative media at the University of Alabama, and I’m one of the head writers at Playlisted. I grew up playing instruments, whether it be violin, guitar or saxophone, but as time went on my music interests shifted towards more research, and widening my music taste as far as it would stretch. Now I spend my time sifting through new artists from any genre or time period, trying to find those hidden gems that we all know and love from our personal music libraries. My breakout album would have to be Bon Iver’s 22, A Million, because it makes so many previously un-heard sonic statements in its short runtime, going from glitchy folk to impassioned autotune, and it was the first album that made me realize how personally affecting music can be, especially in this technological age.

A little about my mission here at Playlisted- Music is probably the most widely appreciated art form in the world. It changes from country to country, morphs from decade to decade, and will never go out of style. There’s something about the way you can plug your headphones in and lose yourself for a moment, and equally special is listening to an anthem on full volume with a group of your closest friends. Music transcends past the constrictions of everyday life, past all the bullshit and shines through as one of the only things that unites everyone, no matter what. Playlisted Press is centered around the idea that music can and will have a real effect on an audience, and our mission is to find the music that does exactly that. There can and should be an easily accessible playlist for every mood, event, or general vibe, and I want to provide as many of them as I can. My friends and I cannot wait to share this website with you, welcome.


Mitchell Alcoser

My name is Mitchell Alcoser and I’m here to share some amazing music with you.  I grew up in the South Suburbs of Chicago and when it came time to explore my secondary education, I went to the University of Southern California to study journalism.  After the first year of my undergraduate studies, I have decided that I want to spend way more time in the music industry, whether as a producer, manager, or some form of festival curator, music is what I’m all about.  I’ve been playing trumpet since I was in 5th grade and have an absolute guilty pleasure for jazz (currently Standard Time Vol.2 is my go-to record).  I’m always down for modern classical or some experimental sounds with a wind ensemble.  But my true passion has to be hip-hop.  The first major breakout album that I ever listened to was The Life of Pablo by Kanye West in 2016.  From there, it has been a never-ending journey of new releases, personal favorites, and genre exploration that has landed me in some very weird playlists and radio stations.  But I have a strong indie/alt-rock taste, with explorations in punk and classic rock.  The first artist I ever listened to intently was The Beatles and that lead me to Paul McCartney (Wings is an amazing curation).  Eventually started bumping to Eminem (Encore was my first, but going back in his discography The Marshall Mathers LP  has to take the cake), then to Macklemore, and then to twenty one pilots (Vessel is actually in my top favorite albums of all time).

Shortly into my freshman year, I  began talking music and sending songs to Campbell (we became friends towards the end of our senior year from marching band) and he soon brought me into Playlisted Press.  Playlisted Press has allowed me to express my own creative taste with people in a more far-reaching way than I ever experienced.  Playlisted Press is a facet of music exploration and allows passionate minds like myself and Campbell to curate the most niche playlists, to discuss the status of the rap industry, to reviewing the scores of films while maintaining our own independent motivations for the industry.  Soon into college, I realized how powerful music has been to me and how it can continue to be.  From playing in nearly every ensemble in my high school program to performing in theatre, to blaring “Bohemian Rhapsody” with my best friends over the summer at 2 AM while driving to a lakehouse, music has always had my back.  And here at Playlisted Press, we are dedicating our time to sharing these same passions with you, the reader.  So please share our content with your friends, family, or even worst enemies.  Everyone deserves to experience the best of music and that’s what we care about.  Music is the fuel for everyone and everything and we’re trying to give bite-size samples of every corner of the industry that we can find.  Keep listening, keep sharing, and always keep living.


Mitchell (Follow me on Spotify to see what I’m listening to!)

Nathan Bulow

My name is Nathan Bulow, and I strive to bring good music to the masses. I am from the Southwest Suburbs of Chicago, and I study English and Communications at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. I have been an avid writer all my life, from short stories and poems, to music of my own. Writing has always been my passion, and music goes hand in hand with that. I have been an avid consumer of music from a young age, through the introduction of classic rock by my parents, fanatic consumption of hardcore and heavy music through my younger years, and finally my musical breakout in the form of Arctic Monkey’s AM in 2014. Ever since, I have explored a plethora of genres and fascinated myself in lyricism. As previously stated, my music expertise spans a multitude of genres, exploring the reaches of classic punk rock, indie, alternative, and the like. While bands like The ClashTalking Heads, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys have had a huge influence on me, I also have a heart for hip-hop, RnB, and rap.

Beyond the personal, Playlisted Press, for me at least, is an outlet of musical thought that I think goes unnoticed in daily life. Sure, I could tell you not to like an album, or a sound, but that isn’t our mission here. I will not take the mantle of judge, jury, and executioner of your music taste, and that is what made Playlisted such a match for me. A friendly discussion of music has brought me my closest friendships in life, and I am sure many more will stem from it. Therefore, our goal is to share and discuss music that we enjoy, and I hope to accomplish that with my fellow writers for a long time.

– N. Bulow